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IUSS Alert 139 (January 2017)

IUSS Distinguished Service Award for French Minister Le Foll
On 6 January 2017 the event “Soil and Climate Change: the 4p1000 initiative” was organized by IUSS and INRA in honour of HE Hon’ble Stephane Le Foll, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of France. The scientific seminar addressed a very pertinent theme of soil carbon sequestration which is in accord with the “4 per Thousand” Initiative conceptualized and promoted by the Minister.

Mirek Kutilek (1927 – 2017)
The very well-known and famous professor, scientist and teacher Professor Dr. Miroslav (Mirek) Kutílek passed away on 4 October, 2016. He spent most of his student and working life at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), Czech Republic. Mirek was appointed full Professor of soil physics and soil hydrology at CTU and he was also active at many different institutions all over the world. Additionally, he worked as an editor-in-chief of international scientific journals such as Soil Technology (1990-1991) and Soil and Tillage Research (1992-2013). He was president of the soil physics section of the International Soil Science Society (1986-1990) and in 1998 he became an honorary member of this society, now called IUSS

Translation of the Vienna Soil Declaration into German
As one of the outreach activities during the International Decade of Soils (2015-2024) the IUSS Secretariat has translated the Vienna Soil Declaration into German. The declaration was adopted at the Celebration event of the International Year of Soils in December 2015. It can be downloaded from the IUSS website.
Download Vienna Soil Declaration in German:

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