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IUSS Alert 146 (August 2017)

Website for IUSS World Congress 2018 now online
The website for the 21st World Congress of Soil Science has gone online. The congress, which is arguably the most acclaimed meeting in the area of soil science, will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 12-17, 2018. Registration and call for abstracts is open.
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Anthropcentrism and Soil Health
The newest Viewpoint on “The Anthropcentrism and Soil Health” by Rattan Lal, President of the International Union of Soil Sciences is now available on the IUSS website.
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Compartimos la invitación de la Sociedad Latinoamericana de la Ciencia del Suelo a participar del 21 WCSS


Les informamos que la nueva página web del XXI Congreso Mundial de la Ciencia del Suelo: WCSS, está ya activa en la dirección, e igualmente puede accederse a ello desde la web:

Se encuentra ya abierto el periodo de registro de ponentes así como el de envío de trabajos al congreso y las cuotas son mucho más accesibles que las que se acostumbra a cobrar en los WCSS. Toda la información necesaria para iniciar el proceso se encuentra ya en la Web del congreso.

Les solicitamos hacer del conocimiento público de sus asociados dicha información y promover activamente este evento mundial que por segunda vez se lleva a cabo en Latinoamérica a fin de lograr una gran participación con excelente calidad de nuestra comunidad edafológica.

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IUSS Alert (July 2017)

Lars J. Munkholm

It is summertime in the Northern Hemisphere – this means for many of us that it is time to recharge the batteries after a busy semester and/or field work season. Holidays play a key role in this respect – but it is also high season to get recharged professionally via meetings, workshops and conferences. The recently held ISTRO branch conference in Croatia is prime example of this where about 100 participants from 25 countries met and discussed "Sustainability challenges in agroecosystems" (see report below). Upcoming meetings in Nigeria and Iran are other examples.

Next year, the 21st ISTRO Conference in Paris, September 24-27, 2018 will be a key opportunity for you to get updated on Soil and Tillage Research. This ISTROINFO includes updates on the conference (see below). Our young members should pay special attention to the opportunity of getting an ISTRO scholarship to attend the conference, as detailed below. ISTRO will again support four scholarships for the ISTRO conference; the Cees van Ouwerkerk scholarship is open to young researchers from any country and the three other scholarships are open to young researchers from all countries except those classified as being "high-income."

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IUSS Alert 143 (May 2017)

Preparation of the World Congress of Soil Science 2018
The last months have seen a lot of progress with the preparation of the scientific programme of the 21st World Congress of Soil Science 2018. The programme will be available in June 2017. The next steps towards the Congress taking place from 12 to 17 August 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are the following:
- On-line registration and abstract submission open: June 2017
- Deadline for abstract submission: 30/11/2017
- Notification for abstract acceptance: 15/01/2018
- Deadline for early registration: 15/02/2018
- Deadline for regular registration: 12/05/2018
Please take note of these dates in order to submit your contribution and to register for the congress in time. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the WCSS 2018.

The marvel of soil biodiversity
In this article, Leo M. Condron explains why the multitude of organisms actively making up the soil biomass are crucial to the survival and growth of all plants and animals. Most people are familiar with the concept of biodiversity. Its health and functional benefits are derived from the presence of many different plant and animal species in an environment. Biodiversity ‘hotspots’ support a vast variety of plant and animal species; an example being a tropical rainforest with up to 80,000 plant, 50,000 insect, 1,500 bird, and 2,000 mammal/amphibian species. However, the corresponding level of biodiversity present in the underlying soil environment is much greater than above-ground, with over 100,000 known species of bacteria and fungi, 25,000 species of nematodes, 40,000 species of mites, and 7,000 species of earthworms.
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21-23 de marzo de 2017, Sede de la FAO, Roma (Italia)

Más de 450 científicos y profesionales de 111 países pertenecientes a todas las regiones del mundo, se reunieron en la sede de la FAO en Roma desde el 21 hasta al 23 de marzo del 2017 en el Simposio Mundial del Carbono Orgánico del Suelo (GSOC17). Los participantes presentaron los resultados de sus estudios sobre el potencial de secuestro de carbono del suelo y los desafíos relacionados al manejo del carbono orgánico del suelo (COS) en diferentes paisajes - como turberas, suelos negros, permafrost, los pastizales y tierras áridas.

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IUSS Alert 142 (April 2017)

Request for Contributions to the next IUSS Bulletin 130
The IUSS Secretariat (Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.) would like to kindly invite all IUSS members to submit their contributions for our next IUSS Bulletin 130 (to be published in June) at their earliest convenience, but no later than 15 May 2017. In particular, the Secretariat would welcome conference/meeting reports and reports on activities dedicated to the International Decade of Soils (2015-2024), answers to the “Five Questions to a Soil Scientist”, your three favourite soil science books and any other information you would like to share with the international soil science community. Please make sure to send high-resolution photos only.

IUSS presentation at EGU General Assembly 2017
At EGU 2017 taking place in Vienna, 24 to 28 April 2017, IUSS will share a booth with the Brazilian, British and Italian Soil Science Society. IUSS will present its Divisions and their most recent activities. The IUSS Flyer was updated accordingly. In order to increase the extent of its contributions to solving soil-related issues such as climate change or food and water security through public outreach campaigns, education, dissemination of information and the publication of a series of soil books, IUSS is hosting the Short course ‘International Decade of Soils: Ideas for outreach activities’ on Tue, 25 Apr, 13:30–15:00 / Room -2.31. 

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Dear WASWAC members,

Attached please find the Hot News for the issue 03 of 2017.

1. The deadline of extended abstract submission and registration for CONSOWA will be coming soon, please make your submission and registration as soon as you can.

2. APFNet Scholarship will continue to support excellent holder of Bachelor’s degree from central Asian counties to study at Northwest A&F University in China for 2 years. The application will be closed by the end of May, 2017.

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed to send us by Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

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Dear WASWAC members,

Attached please find the Hot News for the issue 02 of 2017.

Our website is being updated, it is nearly finished, more progress will send to you soon.

The Spring Festival will be coming soon, the Secretarait wish all of you a very happy Chinese New Year !

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed to send us by waswac@vip.

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